SUPCON Facilitates SINOPEC Process Control & Optimization

November, SUPCON passed the APC (Advanced Process Control) project acceptance test of SINOPEC Jiujiang Company - one of the National 13th Five-Year project; and SINOPEC Luoyang Company - one of the consumption & emission balance and optimization demonstration project.


SINOPEC Jiujiang Company aims to upgrade from "centralized control" mode to "intelligent control" mode. SUPCON APC Suite is applied in the coal to hydrogen production unit, sulfur recovery unit and S-Zorb unit. It not only reduced the labor intensity of operators, but also improved the equipment performance stability - the standard deviation of the main variables was reduced by more than 30%, realizing remarkable consumption reduction of the processes. 

The APC project for SINOPEC Luoyang Refinery is one of the public resource consumption & emission balance and energy recycling optimization demonstration project of SINOPEC. It has built an integrated platform for the consumption monitoring, analysis, modeling & prediction and utilization optimization of gas, water, steam, hydrogen, nitrogen, air, etc. It has brought a direct annual benefit of 17 million RMB (over 2 million USD) for the plant.

Nov 23, 2018, the APC project for SINOPEC Shijiazhuang Refinery was started up. Similar to that of SINOPEC Luoyang Refinery, it also aims to increase the utilization efficiency of the refinerys public hydrogen and gas, improve the production scheduling and control for a long time.

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