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SUPCON and Guangxi Huayi Energy & Chemical Jointly Build the World's Leading Digital Lighthouse Plant
August 3, the Industrial Gas Island Intelligent Plant Project jointly worked by SUPCON Technology, Guangxi Huayi Energy & Chemical Co., Ltd., and other companies was officially selected as the 2022 Intelligent Manufacturing Standard Application Pilot Project by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

This project is located in Qinzhou Petrochemical Industrial Park and is being implemented in three phases. The first phase mainly involves the coal chemical industry chain, which includes 5 sets of 2000-ton aerospace furnaces, one Huayi furnace for gas production, 1.8Mt/a methanol, 200,000 t/a ethylene glycol, 1.2 Mt/a acetic acid, and other related auxiliary facilities.


SUPCON is responsible for the overall design and construction of the Guangxi Huayi Intelligent Plant Project with the core goal of "Safe, Green, and Efficient". We are committed to building a first-class intelligent plant and ecological industry chain demonstration base integrating production automation, management visualization, energy consumption optimization, intelligent operation, remote monitoring, and diagnosis. 


Project Highlights

According to the plan, as a key component of the project, SUPCON "Plant Operating System + Industrial APP" platform supports the rapid development and deployment of industrial intelligent APPs upwards and connect massive industrial equipment, instruments, and product downwards. The platform can realize real-time data collection, transparent production process, systematic quality management, scientific equipment management, digital safety management, refined energy management, intelligent decision support, and other functions, enabling the construction of future plants in a comprehensive and multi-dimensional way.

  • Relying on the deployment of the"Plant Operating System + industrial APP" architecture, the project effectively has been cracking the data island problem and has met the requirements of rapid data access and seamless integration.

  • The real-time database collects 62,400 points of data, realizing the collection frequency of key process points and key equipment every 1 second/time.

  • Through the integration of the Advanced Planning and Scheduling System with PI, EWM, and ERP, data communication between systems was successfully realized, and the product time-based profit margin was increased by 5%.

  • SUPCON Advanced Alarm Management System enables the unified planning and management of alarms through the OPC protocol. AAS interacts with plant data, relies on a large amount of real plant data for "statistical analysis" and sorts out alarms, thus reducing the number of alarms and workload of operators, and helping users quickly locate critical alarms.

  • SUPCON Asset Management System provides users with the lifecycle management function of intelligent instruments, enhancing users' ability to diagnose, adjust and maintain field instruments. 


Since the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement with Huayi Group in 2009, SUPCON has explored various cooperation modes such as complementary advantages, resource integration, information sharing, joint development, etc. In the future, SUPCON will continue to cooperate with Huayi to build a Global leading digital lighthouse Plant.

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