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SUPCON Wins Advanced Coal Gasification and Integration Control Project
After a heated competition with a number of well-known international suppliers, SUPCON won the advanced coal gasification and light hydrocarbon integration control project from Xinneng Energy Co., Ltd.

As China’s first upgrading demonstration project of this kind, the project was characterized as complex technology, long process, multi production equipment, wide control range and high control requirements. The total DCS I/O reaches up to 31,000 pinots and SIS I/O reaches to 4,300 points.

In the project, SUPCON will provide its advanced Webfield ECS-700 DCS system, TCS-900 SIS control system, OTS training system and a series of consulting services for dry pulverized coal hydrogenation gasifier and fluidized bed catalytic gasifier, as well as the plant-wide integrated control of the 600,000t/a methanol and 200,000t/a stabilized light hydrocarbon project.

Main devices in the project include a hydrogenation gasifier (400t/a coal-feeding), a catalytic gasifier (1,500t/a coal-feeding), 3 opposed multi nozzle coal water slurry pressurized gasifiers (1,500t/a coal-feeding), 600,000t/a methanol production, 200,000t/a stabilized light hydrocarbon,  LNG devices and tank farms, etc.

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