See How Industrial Data Inspires Enterprise Improvement in Product Quality and Operation Efficiency

April 26, 2018 China Industrial Data Conference Qiantang Summit was held at Hangzhou International Expo Center. The summit is organized to promote industrial internet development under the theme of “Internet Leads Innovation, Data Inspires Future”. Over 1,500 representatives from leading enterprises, institutes, industrial associations and media attended.


SUPCON’s founder Professor Chu Jian, as a keynote speaker, gave a speech Industrial Data Inspires Enterprise Improvement in Product Quality and Operation Efficiency.


“SUPCON has been engaged in the automation promotion in Chinese process industry and witnessed its development in the past 25 years. Generally speaking, there are three types of enterprises in domestic process industry: 1. Small-medium private enterprises with low degree of automation who have barely realized Industry 2.0; 2. Experienced private enterprises and average state enterprises with distributed control systems who have just entered Industry 3.0 stage; 3. Large state enterprises and private conglomerates who adopt integrated control system at high automation level”, Professor Chu put, “SUPCON is devoted to the promotion of Industry 3.0~4.0, meanwhile making unremitting efforts to improve the small-medium private enterprises’ manufacturing level from Industry 2.0 to 3.0. SUPCON’s data base will keep growing as the industry boost. We have served over 10,000 clients from various industries such as refinery, petrochemical, chemical, power, etc. They have applied about 30,000 DCS, generating hundreds of millions of I/O data per second.”


“Safe, green, efficient, quality improving and cost cutting are the top five priorities of manufacturing. Realizing the five goals calls for a combination of big data technology with process technology, equipment performance analysis and prediction technology, operation monitoring and energy analysis technology, automation technology and information technology.” Professor Chu explained, “Different from discrete manufacturing industry, process industry requires an uninterrupted operation, which makes the data of start-up, shut-down and faults more important. By analyzing these data, flexible manufacturing and fine management become possible. Taking cement industry as an example. China produces and consumes 60% of the global cement. The industry highly demands improvement in coal consumption reduce and faults detection. By data cleaning, feature selection, algorithm modeling and optimization, common equipment faults can be predicted 10 minutes in advance; unit coal consumption of wrought material can be reduced by 2.57%.”


Professor Chu also introduced several SUPCON’s products applying real time data processing, including SUPCON PID (Proportion Integration Differentiation control) Software. It has been widely used in many large-scale petrochemical projects. For example, SINOPEC Jiujiang Refinery has 12 production units with 1800 control loops, after adopting SUPCON PID software, the auto-control rate reached 98%. Via automatic performance evaluation, control loop rating, fault diagnose, remote monitor and parameter optimization, the unit stability is significantly improved.


Professor Chu told the reporter from Qiantang News that SUPCON will launch the industrial operation system supOS soon, which will improve the operation efficiency and back the development of intelligent manufacturing. In addition, SUPCON established the Industrial Internet Research Institute in Ningbo, aiming to make manufacturing smarter by leveraging big data technology.



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