See How SUPCON Empowers Industrial Automation China at 2018 Goldman Sachs

Nov 6, 2018 Goldman Sachs China Conference was opened in Shenzhen. As an exclusive high-level investment conference, it invites a few institutional investors and outstanding enterprises every year. As one of China's leading providers of automation and information technology, products, service and solutions, SUPCON was invited to attend the industrial automation conference of "Manufacturing, Robotics & Factory of the Future".


Mr. Jia Xunhui,CEO of SUPCON, combined 25 years of research in process industry automation and large project implementation experience, to share forward-looking views such as the future trend of automation market, technology development, cooperative ecology, etc. He also stressed the significance of leveraging the differences between local manufacturing enterprises and foreign manufacturing enterprises, fully displaying the ideological essence of the automation industry leader.

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