SUPCON Launches?SINOPEC Zhongyuan?APC Project of?MTO & PP unit

May 14, the kick-off meeting of Advanced Process Control (APC) project of methanol to olefin (MTO) unit and polypropylene (2#PP) unit was successfully held in SINOPEC Zhongyuan Petrochemical Corporation LTD.

SINOPEC Zhongyuan Petrochemical is the leading ethylene manufacturing enterprise in Central China. It has more than 10 production units such as ethylene, polyethylene, polypropylene, gasoline hydrogenation, benzene extraction, hydrogen production, butene-1, catalytic cracking to propylene (OCC), MTO, etc. Among them, 600,000 t/a MTO unit adopts S-MTO technology independently developed by SINOPEC, which is China’s first set of independent intellectual property rights demonstration unit of petrochemical. Polypropylene unit is required to produce more than 10 kinds of co-brand products, making this project quite difficult and challenging to implement. SUPCON will cooperate with the SINOPEC process experts team deeply to build it a demonstration in MTO APC project.

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