SUPCON Maintenance Team Secures Value for Shandong Shenglong Chemical Co., Ltd.

SUPCON maintenance team just finished the periodic maintenance of SUPCON ECS-100 DCS for air separine facility and methanol plant of Shandong Shenglong Chemical Co., Ltd. The ECS-100 system has run for over 10 years, urgently requiring an overall in-depth examination and maintenance.

Sept 30, when all Chinese are expecting the 7-day holiday for National Day and Mid-autumn Festival, SUPCON maintenance team made their trip to the user’s plant and began a 7-day thorough examination of 19 items under the general operation environment test, the system function diagnosis and the system hardware & software examination, so as to eliminate any potential failures of the system.


After the examination covering all sections of the system including power supply and grounding state, network communication, electromagnetic field, I/O modules, controllers, and consumable articles, many existing and potential problems were detected, including power supply instability, jumper failure of several I/O modules and forwarding modules, channel malfunction of some I/O module, accuracy over-vibration of some analog signal modules, system corrosion, cabinet grounding error, operator station virus invasion, etc.


A more stable long-term operation of the system is guaranteed after the maintenance. Oct 6, Shenglong Chemical sent a thanks letter for bringing a new life to their old system, especially for the hard work of SUPCON maintenance team during the national holiday when all others are having a reunion with their family.

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