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SUPCON Receives Thanks Letter from SANNING Chemical for the Intelligent Manufacturing Project

March 1st, SUPCON received a thanks letter from Hubei SANNING Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., commending the perfect performance of SUPCON Advanced Process Control(APC) in their coal chemical, phosphorous chemical and fine chemical plants, which was successively achieved in thermoelectricity, cyclohexanone, synthetic ammonia unit and methanol rectifying.

“Thanks to the dedicated work of SUPCON engineering team. They efficiently finished developing the 3 advanced control systems, realizing the transformation from post operation to system operation. Their professionalism, protectiveness and team spirit were totally recognized by the SANNING Chemical team.”

“SUPCON APC was applied in the sulphuric acid plant in 2018, covering the characteristic functional modules such as instrument diagnosis module, multi-variable predictive controller, automatic control of steam turbine module, and "One-Key Start & Stop" supporting system, achieving excellent production and remarkable economic benefits. For example, After the advanced control project of the caprolamide plant was put into operation, the alkalinity, moisture, absorbance and alkali removal were respectively reduced by 29.97%, 26.75%, 33.87% and 29.97%. At the same time, under the condition of maintaining stable product quality, the circulation amount of heavy residual liquid was reduced by 12.13% and the steam consumption by 5.01%.

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