SUPCON MES Facilitates Intelligent Fine Chemical Production Base for Costar Biochemical

SUPCON MES (Manufacture Execution System) was officially put into operation in Costar Biochemical Co., Ltd. the end of September. It covers the real-time database, energy management system, asset management system, process management system, product batch management system and quality management system, etc. These systems will achieve a deep and thorough management of manufacture under three specific goals Costar Biochemical targets:


1. Integrated data sharing and analysis

Now the plant-wide integration of DCS and PLC has been finished, so that the massive real-time data can be collected timely and analyzed synthetically. The intact collection and deep analysis will make best of the data in various processes optimization.


2. Traceable process management

Since Costar Biochemical employs both continuous production and batch production in 17 units from 5 branch plants, the process control chain requiring a strong traceability. To accomplish this demand, the instruments and control valves installed on the key units have been transformed to intelligent ones and connected to DCS. Thus the process of different batches can be traced and quantified, making the process management paperless recorded, accurate, and comprehensive.


3. Cost reduction, quality improvement and safety production

Since the MES can monitor, gather and analyze the energy consumption statistics timely and efficiently, a great reduction of pollution emission and energy cost is possible. In addition, safe operation standard parameters have been input to the MES to make a safe and standardized manufacture system.


Since 2015 when MIIT (the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) put forward the Intelligent Manufacturing Pilot Demonstration Initiative, a widespread intellectualization transformation has sprung up among all ranges of plants. Anhui Costar Biochemical Corporation is right among the tide players.


As the largest green pesticide plant of Flamingsun Group, a 50 billion RMB national key high-tech conglomerate, Costar Biochemical has developed a complete pharmaceutical industry chain integrating R&D, manufacture and sales of Three Major Medicine Categories (human medicine, veterinary medicine, agricultural chemical) and their intermediates. The demanding production process has pushed it to formulate an intelligent-manufacturing-oriented 5-year development plan, which includes the MES solution provided by SUPCON.


The application of MES in Costar Biochemical is a good demonstration of pesticide production process informatization and digitization. Lets see how it will break the old fashion in the new manufacture era.


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