SUPCON InPlant Solution Facilitates Transfar Intelligent Manufacturing

The Transfar Intelligent Synthetic Chemical Plant project implemented by SUPCON passed acceptance test by the end of 2018.


Transfar Group, started with chemical business, has been the local industry pacemaker adhering to energy conservation and environment protection principles. Transfar Synthetic Chemical Plant was built with high-end positioning applying the latest informatization management system.


SUPCON MES solution and its overall integration with the other 15 existing 3rd-party management systems help to realize real time manufacturing monitoring, and improve tank farm, warehouse and facility management, in particular, quality management, which is more traceable and data-based after the information isolation is eliminated. Likewise, accidents like gas leak, smoke and fire are also warned timely and controlled strictly, guaranteeing a healthy and safe work environment.


The experts present highly recognized SUPCON InPlant Solution and delivered expectation for more applications of it, fully leveraging it to forge a highly intelligent plant.



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