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SUPCON Empowers Department of Environment Malaysia to Control Chemical Pollution in Pasir Gudang

Recently in Pasir Gudang Malaysia, it was reported that an illegal tyre recycling factory had allegedly dumped chemical waste, which brought out more than 2,775 people getting affected by the chemical pollution. Based on reports from Malay Mail, Energy, Technology, Science, Climate Change and Environment Minister Yeo Bee Yin announced that RM6.4 million will be allocated to handle the clean-up of the polluted river. As a leading automation provider in China, SUPCON will help to provide chemical pollution monitoring system in Pasir Gudang.

In this project, SUPCON will help to build the pollution monitoring system and provide control systems including GCU311 and GW315, which adopt wireless data acquisition technology. The system will be integrated into PIMS system to realize unified deployment and monitoring of local environmental data. In addition, SUPCON will integrate the SAFER-one of America's most famous environmental protection systems-into the unified platform for easy operation, monitoring, and emergency response.

When completed, the system will monitor the environmental data in 25 schools, police stations and other densely populated areas, and finally transmit them to the central station for emergency response, alarm and other functions. It will be a strong security umbrella for residents of the area.

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