SUPCON CCS Helps Yangquan Coal Reduce Energy Consumption


May 9, the 200,000t/a coal to ethanediol unit CCS (Compressor Control System) of Shouyang Chemical Plant, an intelligent demonstration plant of Yangquan Coal Industry Co., Ltd., started up successfully. SUPCON self-developed T9100 CCS has surpassed the client’s expectation in automation control, efficiency improvement and energy saving for the plant’s air compressor, nitrogen compressor and PSA compressor.


May 15, the production load was increased to 110%. Comparing to the original production data, the air compressor reduced 9.8MPa high pressure super-heated steam consumption by 25 to 27t/h; the PSA compressor saved 3 to 4t/h of 3.8MPa medium pressure super-heated steam; the electricity consumption of the nitrogen compressor was cut by 200kw/h.


The more complicated the units are, the higher reliability and stability their process control require. To solve the problems caused by large opening of the anti-surge valve, reflux valve, and heavy labor intensity, SUPCON offered advanced anti-surge control solution, performance optimization solution and dynamic decoupling control technology for the key centrifugal compressor, and realized total automatic start-up, loading, shut-down and unmanned operation of the unit; meanwhile reduced energy consumption, emission and noise pollution.


With regards to the air compressor, the optimized control loop and unmanned pressure equalization of the molecular sieve regeneration process have reduced the pressure flow fluctuation, and improved production stability dramatically.

The PSA compressor presses the desorbed gas to 3.75MPa and recovery H2 via cryogenic separation. Before, the desorbed gas pressure was volatile (40±5kPa); in addition, manual control under low load consumes huge gas, which makes the separation process unstable and inefficient. SUPCON CCS solution has solved these problems, expedited start-up, and improved H2 quality.



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