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AI Driving Sustainable Development in Global Building Materials Industry | HOLCIM Delegation Visited SUPCON

On March 11th, a delegation of more than 30 members from HOLCIM, a global leader in innovative and sustainable building solutions, visited SUPCON for exchange and exploration. The delegation was comprised of managers of production, maintenance, and procurement from HOLCIM's Europe operations, including Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Romania, and Greece. During their visit, the delegation gained a thorough understanding of the SUPCON's evolution, internationalization strategy, and commercial arrangements. This experience further enhanced their appreciation for SUPCON's expertise in digitalization, achieved through the innovative application of AI, as well as its solutions aimed at energy-saving and carbon reduction.

During the meeting, SUPCON provided an extensive introduction to its advanced product technology system and industry solutions. The system is based on the innovative "1+2+N" intelligent plant architecture, supported by four data bases and a single Intelligent Engine. The presentation emphasized SUPCON's dedication to developing AI technology by integrating data to propel innovation, especially through its intelligent plant solutions for the cement industry. Impressively, SUPCON has achieved a remarkable prediction accuracy exceeding 90% for materials and a notable 30% improvement in equipment stability within a specific cement plant.

HOLCIM articulated its green and low-carbon objectives, with the aim of becoming a net-zero company. Guided by its Strategy 2025 – Accelerating Green Growth, HOLCIM is actively driving the global transition towards sustainability in the building materials industry. In particular, the company places significant emphasis on leading decarbonization efforts in Europe.

HOLCIM expressed its gratitude for SUPCON's warm reception, professional introduction, and comprehensive exhibitions. It highly valued SUPCON’s green and low carbon solutions along with its innovative product technologies, highlighting the multiple opportunities for collaboration between the two companies and its eagerness for deeper strategic exchanges and mutual development.

SUPCON's Chairman and President, Shan Cui, emphasized the company's unwavering commitment to its mission of "Make Industry Smarter, Make Life Easier." Leveraging its vast industry expertise and robust innovation capabilities, SUPCON is dedicated to assisting global customers in achieving energy saving, environmental protection, carbon reduction, and sustainable development. In recent years, SUPCON has made significant progress in expanding its overseas operations and places great importance on fostering broader and deeper collaborations with industry leaders like HOLCIM. With a customer-centric approach, SUPCON remains steadfast in prioritizing the success of its clients, aiming for mutual and sustainable growth.


HOLCIM is a global leader in innovative and sustainable building solutions with net sales of CHF 27.0 billion in 2023. Driven by its purpose to build progress for people and the planet, the company is on a mission to decarbonize building, while improving living standards for all. HOLCIM empowers customers across all regions to build better with less, with a broad range of low-carbon and circular solutions, from ECOPact and ECOPlanet to circular technology platform ECOCycle®. Through innovative systems, from Elevate roofing to PRB insulation, it makes buildings more sustainable in use, driving energy efficiency and green retrofitting. With sustainability at the core of its strategy, HOLCIM is on the way to becoming a net-zero company.

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