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LN/LM series
Normal/High Pressure Linear Motion Control Valve
LN series are characterized by insensitive to impurities and exellent sealing performance. LM series with large capacity high pressure globe valve body, thick wall bonnet, Metal-seated quick -changeable trim combination, ensures safety and credibility in high pressure conditions. Fast and easy to maintenance due to its rotational symmetry and quick-changeable trim combination.
Flexible use, Reliable shutoff
Designed with a stem and plug that travel linearly in and out of a seat to control flow and provide close-off.
Plugs provide either an equal percentage or linear flow characteristic.
Low Flow Resistance Passage
By adopting the cross-sectional design of the valve body S-shaped flow channel, improving the smoothness of the flow channel surface and installing medium guide wings, etc., the flow resistance is minimized, the uncertain flow loss is avoided, and the adjusted medium can be safely and reliably transmitted.
Unique Guidance Positioning Technology
Guiding bushing or cage fit directly into bonnet to guarantee packing,throttling surface ,and sealing surface concentrating in a line.Which fundamentally improve the operation accuracy of control valve.
Unique Trims Trinity Structure
Trims are divided into different functional modules, such as guide, regulating, and seal. Rational materials matching and harden treatments combination can be employed to avoid operation stuck under high or low temperature alternating conditions,it also helps to prevent wear&galling.
Reliable Pressure Balanced Seal
The valve stem connecting part of the self-centering structure ensures the reliable connection between the actuator and the valve body assembly. The unique positioner feedback lever that can be adjusted in both vertical directions at the same time ensures reliable connection of the positioner.
Modern Instrumentation Simplifies Maintenance

Direct pressure structure, without any screw and welding connection. Easy to disassemble and assemble, all internal parts adopt valve modular design.Any different structure can be quickly replaced and repaired on site without using special tools.

Typical Solutions
Cascade labyrinth high pressure differential control valve

Due to synthetic ammonia  separation pressure control, intlet 25MP, outlet 1.7mpa, we customized cascade labyrinth high pressure differential control valve. It replaced the original high-end imported five-stage  high-pressure drop control valve, to solve severe erosion under the ultra-high pressure differential.

High temperature and high pressure drop molten salt control valve

Due to the high pressure drop, high temperature molten salt, crystallization occurs below 265℃, we cuntomized High temperature and high pressure drop molten salt control valve. Valve body is made of special material with smooth flow passage.Trims adopt special hardening treatment materials with high temperature and corrosion resistance

LN8W Series Bellows Control Valve

Due to the highly toxic, highly corrosive, radioactive, valuable or highly permeable medium control, we customized LN8W Series Bellows Control Valve  to eliminate fluid leakage from the movement of the stem side gap. It has full-travel bellows anti-rotation structure. According to the different pressure class, the number of bellows composite layer is 1 ~ 4.

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