SUPCON Helps SINOPEC Luoyang Petrochemical Reduce Utility Consumption

July 20, SUPCON APC (Advanced Process Control) team attended the SINOPEC Luoyang Petrochemical Company off-site utility APC project report meeting.


Mr Cui Ansheng, the Production Director of Luoyang Petrochemical showed satisfaction with the performance of the project, “Thanks to SUPCON APC, the steam use rate is improved by 2% to 3%, the purchasing rate of hydrogen is cut by 3% to 5%... The informatization platform is helping us to make smart and reliable decisions based on big data analysis and computing more than only experience.”


Mr Wang Kuanxin, SUPCON APC PM introduced the potential of applying APC in more projects for further propelling fining informatization management of the whole plant. Earlier, SUPCON has implemented utility consumption APC projects for a dozen of SINOPEC branches and subsidiaries, helping to significantly cut cost of gas, steam,etc.



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