SUPCON Wins 60,000t/a PDH (UOP package) Project of Oriental Energy

Recently, SUPCON signed the DCS contract of Oriental Energy Company limited (referred to "Oriental Energy"). SUPCON will offer a set of 60,000t/a PDH unit (using UOP package), air compressor, circulating water system, boiler, desalting-water system, torch unit, etc. In the past five years, SUPCON has built up trust through cooperation with Oriental Energy in DCS, SIS and the loading system transformation project. SUPCON will strive to build it into a demonstration project in PDH market.

Oriental Energy is engaged in developing clean energy and new material industry. Since the very inception, it has been focused on alkane resources import, sale and deep processing. It has settled alkane resources deep processing projects in both Zhangjiagang and Ningbo, using the imported alkane resources including methane, ethane, propane, butane and so on from Middle East and North America to produce propylene, polypropylene, ethylene, butylene and other petrochemicals.

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