SUPCON Wins Pune 750t/d MSW Project

SUPCON won an order from Aspirify Environment to supply centralized automation control system for the 750 t/d solid waste management project which is being constructed in the city Pune, Maharashtra.
This project will be one of the largest WtE(Waste to Energy) plants in Maharashtra. It will generate 16.5MWh of power for the city, empowering Pune to become one of the first few garbage neutral cities.


SUPCON DCS will control and operate the facilities of the entire plant including garbage handling, boiler and auxiliaries, grate, FGCS, ACC, Turbine and auxiliaries, WTP and BOP area.


As a leading automation supplier,  SUPCON is committed to help clients change the way people treat waste and provide green energy through technology. SUPCON has more than 100 MSW project references worldwide, the successful track record for critical process plants was highly valued by the client Aspirify Environment. This project will be another great reference of SUPCON India operation for MSW project.



Highlights of the plant:
·         With 750 TPD Solid Waste Management, it is one of the largest WtE plants in Maharashtra.
·         It’ll generate 16.5 MW of power for the city, supporting at least 15000 to 20000 households.
·         The organic material will be converted into stable mass by aerobic decomposition.
·         It applys cutting edge ‘incineration’ technology, which has been tested for decades by 95% of the WtE plants worldwide, and is suitably adopted for Indian waste conditions.
·         It’ll reduce solid mass of the original waste by 80% to 85%, and volume by 90% to 95%, leaving only 10% to 15% residue.
·         A very minimal inert matter will be sent for scientific disposal at landfills.
·         The emissions comply with EURO, The harmful gases and particulate matters are filtered, ensuring the emissions 100% safe for the environment.
·         This plant alone will treat 45% garbage of Pune.


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      Aspirify Environment has established offices in India and Singapore since 2016. In a short span they have taken substantial steps to make a difference to the environmental cause. In light of India Government’s recent programes of Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan, Clean Ganga Mission, Smart Cities and National Air Quality Index, environmental protection services are becoming one of the cornerstones of the country’s development. 



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