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The Integration Base Project of Huayi Qinzhou New Chemical Material is an industrial project with the largest single investment in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China and a pillar project for the construction of a trillion-level green energy new material industrial cluster in the region. It sets a benchmark for intelligent plants in the process industry, and is an important initiative to promote high-quality industrial development in Guangxi and strengthen its manufacturing power.

SUPCON's Industrial Operating System + APP” architecture (hereinafter “the architecture”) has been successfully applied in the Guangxi Huayi Energy Chemical Intelligent Plant (hereinafter “the intelligent plant”), supporting the rapid development and deployment of industrial APPs upwards and connecting massive industrial equipment, instruments, and products downwards. The architecture can realize real-time data collection, transparent production processes, systematic quality management, scientific equipment management, digital safety management, refined energy management, intelligent decision support, and other functions, enabling the construction of the intelligent plant in a comprehensive and multi-dimensional way.


Build a Safe, Green and Efficient First-class Plant

Methanol, acetic acid and ethylene glycol, as the three core products of Guangxi Huayi Energy Chemical, have been affected by environmental protection pressure and macroeconomic factors, which have brought certain pressure to the operation and development of the company. SUPCON is responsible for the overall design and construction of the intelligent plant, setting "safety, green and efficiency" as the core objective of the plant construction. The plant is dedicated to becoming a first-class energy and chemical industry intelligent plant with automated production, visualized management, optimized energy consumption, intelligent operation, remote monitoring and diagnosis.

According to the principle of "Business as the core, Efficiency as the first and Capability as the foundation" proposed by Guangxi Huayi Energy Chemical, the project aims to build China's first energy chemical plant with the simultaneous implementation of engineering construction and digitalization, establish a digital way of working and achieve continuous transformation and upgrading.


The Key to the Construction of an Intelligent Plant Lies in a Viable Holistic Design.

Adopting the architecture of Industrial Operating System + APP", the project focuses on a number of sub-systems in key areas such as production management, quality management, equipment management, safety management, steam balance optimization, and alarm management from the optimization and control layer, intelligent production layer and the intelligent operation layer. These include Real-time Database, Manufacturing Execution System(MES), Planning & Scheduling Optimization System(APS), Energy Management System(EMS), Quality Management System(QMS), Equipment Management System, Intelligent Inspection System, HSE Management System, Emergency Management System, Geographic Information System(GIS), Personnel Locating System(PLS), Steam Balance Optimization System, Advanced Alarm Management System(AAS), etc.

Highlighting Core Issues and Attacking One by One

1. Based on the architecture, the Industrial Gas Island Intelligent Plant Project has developed and integrated more than 40 industrial APPs, of which the Real-time Database is the core database of the Industrial Gas Island Intelligent Plant System, with a collection volume of 62,400 data points, achieving a collection frequency of key process points and key equipment every 1 sec/time.

2. The Manufacturing Execution System integrates business data from bottom to top through interfaces. The data can be integrated into the platform for business operations such as production process tracking, inventory analysis, and material balance, fully supporting the digitization of production management. After the full operation of the Industrial Gas Island Intelligent Plant System, the "three rates" (stability rate, alarm rate and self-control rate) of the plant can be statistically assessed in real-time, and at present, the "three rates" of Guangxi Huayi Energy Chemical have been greatly improved.

3. The integration of the SUPCON APS system with PI, EWM and ERP also successfully realized the data interchange between the systems, so that the production capacity calculation based on safety stock, procurement lead time, production lead time, production process data and other elements in the APS has a data basis, and the product time efficiency profit rate increased by 5%.

4. SUPCON AAS, through OPC protocol and unified planning and management of alarms. It greatly reduces the number of alarms, lightens the operator's load and helps users to quickly locate critical alarms.

5. The Assets Management System(SAMS) of SUPCON provides users with full life-cycle management functions for the intelligent instruments in the whole plant and improves users' ability to diagnose and adjust the maintenance of instrumentation on-site, thus realizing innovation in instrumentation maintenance mode. 


Building Intelligent Plants for the Future

The rigorous and conscientious attitude, solid and professional technical skills, and attentive and dedicated service of SUPCON have been highly praised by the related personnel of Guangxi Huayi Energy Chemical. Faced with multiple complex controls for the first set of devices industrialization application, coal gasification technology, and other key factors, SUPCON conducted in-depth research on industry technical solutions, timely discovered and solved problems, and proposed reasonable suggestions based on industry and technical experience to continue creating value for customers. In the future, SUPCON will continue to work with Huayi Group to help build its leading digital intelligent plants.

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