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CCTV Films for SUPCON’s G20 Traffic Support Project
July 11, the filming crew of Approaching Science of CCTV (China Central Television) came to Hangzhou to produce a documentary focusing on a G20 traffic preparation project undertaken by SUPCON.

Approaching Science was first broadcast on June 1, 1998, and soon became a popular program of CCTV. The subjects of the program include biology, archaeology, psychology, etc.

“In the field of intelligent transportation, SUPCON undertakes 32 preparation projects for G20 Hangzhou Summit,” said Mr. Shao Qing, Deputy General Manager of SUPCON Urban Traffic Division.

“Traffic management is a very complex thing, because sometimes you cannot satisfy both an old walking lady and a young new driver. But, through accurate acquisition and analysis of the big data, we can find the balance point for them and improve our traffic conditions,” explained Shao, “we collect and analyze the historical traffic data and the traffic police’s long-term experience of a certain road, so that we can accurately find out the causes, characteristics and rules of a traffic phenomenon, and effectively ease the traffic pressure.”
CCTV Films for SUPCON’s G20 Traffic Support Project

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