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SUPCON Wins 10 Million t/a Coal Conversion and Utilization Project

Jan 5, SUPCON singed the contract of the production scheduling system project with Gansu Honghui Energy Chemical Co., Ltd for its 10 million t/a coal high quality clean efficient conversion and utilization project. On Jan 11, the kick-off meeting was held in SUPCON Park.

With a total investment of $1.29 billion USD, this project is one of the key projects in Gansu Province’s “12th 5-year-plan” that its predicted output occupies one fifth of the whole plan (50 million t/a).

SUPCON will make overall planning of the whole plant’s infrastructure and system construction to help build a highly-informed smart plant for Honghui Energy.

Under the terms of contract, SUPCON will provide a series of systems to realize centralized production monitoring, unified scheduling and balanced optimization for the plant, including ESP-iSYS real-time data base, MES-Suite, Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), emergency linkage system, IT infrastructure (data center and production collection network), etc.


Coal high quality clean efficient conversion and utilization is a clean and highly efficient transformation method of low rank coal. It firstly pyrolysis coal into gas-liquid-solid three-phase materials by low-medium temperature pyrolysis technology, then make full usage and stepwise processing of all products according to their physical and chemical properties. This way has many advantages such as high resource-using rate and high thermal efficiency.

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