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SUPCON VxOTS Facilitates Malaysia Offshore Control Room Operators

Oct 14, SUPCON VxOTS (Operator Training System) for Malaysia Oil & Gas Offshore Field has passed the final acceptance test of the lead trainers from Pearson BTEC (Business & Technology Education Council) certified Professional Training Center, Wealhold Sdn Bhd.


With the application of mechanism model and virtual controller solution, SUPCON VxOTS provides a realistic simulation of the mimic operations with corresponding parameter variations behaviour for offshore Control Room Operators (CRO) from all Malaysia Oil & Gas operators. It also projects an immersive perception of multiple processes including oil & gas extraction, separation, gas compression, transportation, CCR, living quarters, etc. thus allowing the Trainers to create numerous scenarios simulating all sorts of emergency events such as equipment or instrumentation system malfunction, gas leak, explosion, fire breakout, and many others for accessing the CRO skills. Alarms management and procedures protocols will be audited based on the BTEC specifications applied. In addition, permit-to-work system is also included in the assessment to prevent accidents or hazard caused by unauthorized unprofessional operations.

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