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SUPCON Engineer Team Delivers Maintenance Service In Southeast Asia

Last few months, SUPCON engineer team delivered DCS system maintenance service in several Southeast Asian companies. Some of their systems had been running for around 10 years. The maintenance revitalized the systemsstability and security in time.


Indonesia: PT. South Pacific Viscose


PT. South Pacific Viscose (SPV), a part of The Lenzing Group located in Purwakarta, Indonesia, has been a producer of viscose staple fibers and sodium sulfate since 1982. The DCS system of NGBC Unit and Power Plant 2 adopt SUPCON ECS-100.


After listening to the operatorsfeedback on daily running condition and examining the hardware, software and operating environment, SUPCON engineer team carried out thorough maintenance and eliminated operation hazards. They also offered several practical tips in daily maintenance of both units and plant environment, such as dust-protection and deratization.


Thailand: SARAFF Energies Limited & YALA Power Plant


SUPCON JX-300X DCS system has been in operation in SARAFF for 12 years. Since the system of this project has been aging seriously, SUPCON engineer team took an in-depth examination and maintenance, discovered and solved many hidden problems. Considering a long-term stability and security of the system operation, SUPCON engineer team provided an upgrade solution for the customer.


YALA Power Plant went into operation in 2012. The control system applied SUPCON JX-300XP. During the maintenance, SUPCON engineer team found some environmental factors that could accelerate the system aging, and offered advice on improving the operating environment, such as lowering the control room temperature, etc.

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