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SUPCON Facilitates the Construction of Coal-based Polygeneration Intelligent Manufacturing System

Dec 7, 2018, SUPCON signed the GDS (Gas Detection System) supply contract with Jianyuan Coal Chemical Technology LTD. Earlier has signed the DCS (Distributed Control System), SIS (Safety Instrumented System), CCS (Compressor Control System) and safety barrier supply contract, SUPCON self-developed automation products have been widely applied in the coal-based polygeneration plant, which includes 2,8000,000 t/a coking co-production unit, 250,000 t/a coal tar hydrogenation unit, 300,000 t/a coke gas to LNG unit and 600,000 t/a ethylene unit. 

Under the strategy of promoting comprehensive utilization of coal and fine coal chemical industryJianyuan Coal Chemical Technology LTD has input vast efforts into the project. The modern coal and chemical polygeneration unit has high requirements on the control systemreliability, stability and large-scale network capability. SUPCON won the project with abudant experience and strong comprehensive capabilities in product, total solutions, engineering service,etc.

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