SUPCON Facilitates Guangdong Petrochemical to Create the World-Class Intelligent Refinery Complex

The Refinery Complex of CNPC Guangdong Petrochemical stands as the world’s first refining base equipped to process massive quantities of low-grade heavy oil. Leveraging a a comprehensive intelligent plant solution, SUPCON has played a pivotal role in enabling Guangdong Petrochemical to achieve intelligent and autonomous operations across its entire production process, facilitating the transition into a green, intelligent, and efficient plant.

The implementation of SUPCON's Intelligent Operation Management & Control System (OMC)  has markedly enhanced the efficiency and safety of autonomous operations across the plant-wide industrial facilities. This implementation has yielded notable outcomes, including a remarkable reduction in operational frequency by over 95% and a decrease in average daily alarm by 80%. These achievements mark a significant stride towards realizing an unmanned intelligent plant.

Moreover, SUPCON's innovative product technology system, centered around the "1+2+N" intelligent plant architecture, has effectively interconnected vast arrays of instruments, production equipment, the control system, and multiple management systems. This integration of massive data facilitates the rapid development and deployment of industrial APPs for autonomous production and operation. Such advancements aid Guangdong Petrochemical in achieving data-driven decision-making and accelerating collaborative optimization.

Furthermore, through its storage and transportation automation solutions, SUPCON has successfully addressed the constraints related to product tank exclusivity, resulting in a significant enhancement of tank utilization efficiency. The application of intelligent path optimization technology has led to notable improvements in production efficiency and energy conservation. These advancements empower the establishment of a world-class green refinery and petrochemical complex.

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