SUPCON Helped 3 Units Start-Up of World’s Top Coal-to-Olefins Project
Oct. 17-26, SUPCON harvested a number of achievements in the world’s top Coal-to-Olefins project - Zhongtian Hechuang Ordos coal deep processing demonstration project: 1,800,000t/a MTO unit, 350,000t/a LDPE unit and 300,000t/a LLDPE unit had successful start-ups one after another.

In the project site, the leaders, experts, and engineering technicians from the end user expressed their satisfaction to SUPCON’s products and service.

This project is world’s top Coal-to-Olefins project with 170,000I/Os, and is planned to create a bunch of world records, including world’s largest scale of production: 2×1.8Mt/a methanol and 1.37Mt/a polyolefin, and world’s largest CCR (2,200m²), etc.

The methanol unit of this project started running on Sept. 19 and successfully produced qualified methanol products on Sept. 24.

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