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SUPCON to Support Inner Mongolia Jiutai 1,000,000 t/a Ethylene Glycol Plant Automation

SUPCON offered Webfield ECS-700 for the 1,000,000 t/a ethylene glycol plant of Inner Mongolia Jiutai New Material (Jiutai). The total I/O point of the single set of ethylene glycol plant was more than 60,000.

SUPCON was responsible for the automation and information integration of the main process units including ethylene glycol, methanol, formaldehyde and polyformaldehyde, as well as the boiler island, coal island, concentrated brine, circulating water, reclaimed water, sewage, desalination water and other public utilities and auxiliary facilities.

In this project, Jiutai firstly introduced Johnson Matthey and Eastman Chemical technology for the production of MEG (mono ethylene glycol). With the combined efforts of all parties, SUPCON will focus on implementing the automation system building in a reliable manner and support to produce high value MEG at its new Coal to Chemicals Complex at Togtoh Industrial Park, Togtoh, Inner Mongolia.

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