Technology Driven, Intelligent Future -- SUPCON at 2022 China Petroleum & Chemical International Conference (CPCIC)

November 14-17, the 13th China Petroleum & Chemical International Conference (CPCIC) themed "Sustainable & Resilient New Growth", took place in Ningbo, China.


This one-week activity probes into the innovation & development of the new future under the background of "Dual Carbon" green development driving force and sustainable development, analyzes the present situation and the challenge for the petrochemical industry, and tries to help enterprises find opportunities for development and direction. Prof. Chu Jian (Founder of SUPCON Group) and Mr. George Cui Shan (Chairman & President of SUPCON) were invited to share their insights into digital trends and "Dual Carbon" challenges as well as opportunities for the industry.

Plenary Session of CPCIC

At the conference, with the theme of "Our Thoughts on Building Future Process Industrial Plants", Prof. Chu Jian put forward the current situation and challenges of the development of traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing from the perspective of innovation and shared cutting-edge thinking about the development of intelligent plant and digital transformation of the manufacturing industry.


From production automation to management automation, SUPCON proposed the "5T-Fusion Technology", which solves the problems of Safety, Quality, Green, Cost, and Efficiency faced by integrating the five major technology areas of AT (Automation Technology), IT (Information Technology), PT (Process Technology), OT (Operation Technology) and ET (Equipment Technology). From traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing, SUPCON proposed a Plant Operating System that better empowers enterprises by opening up data and integrating existing software or developing new software.

CEO Roundtable Meeting

Prof. Chu Jian and Mr. George Cui Shan were invited to participate in the CEO Roundtable Meeting of the World's Top 100 chemical enterprises and had a brainstorming session with representatives from SINOPEC, CNOOC, BASF, Shell, and other leading companies. Prof. Chu Jian shared a speech themed as “ Towards a ‘zero carbon economy’ and technological empowerment”. “With the rapid development of intelligent manufacturing in petrochemical enterprises, it is urgent for enterprises in the industry to jointly develop a new ecology. SUPCON will work with industry partners to help the development of the process industry.”said Prof. Chu Jian. 

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SUPCON Innovation Development Forum

SUPCON concurrently hosted the "Technology Driven, Intelligent Future -- SUPCON Innovation Development Forum".  SUPCON has launched the Advanced Process Engineering eXpert (APEX), a New General Process Simulation Platform Based on Equation-Oriented Methodology.  


SUPCON also released the "135 Client Value Innovation Model" with the core of "1 Service Model + 3 Product Technology Platforms +5T-Fusion Technology". With the "5S Store +S2B Platform" One-stop Industrial Service New Model, SUPCON “135 Client Value Innovation Model”is intensively close to users and provides fast, professional and ultimate service in the whole life cycle. With the Intelligent Operation Management & Control System (i-OMC), Plant Operating System + Industrial APP, Advanced Process Engineering eXpert (APEX) three product platforms to help enterprises from production process automation to enterprise operation automation in a comprehensive and multi-dimensional manner. With the support of 5T-Fusion Technology, it helps enterprises to build leading technical capabilities and enhance the core competitiveness.

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SUPCON shared speeches including "Development and Thinking of New-generation Intelligent Operation Management & Control System", "Digital Transformation Driven by the Mode of Plant Operating System + Industrial APP ", "PLANTMATE Builds a New Model of One-stop Industrial Service", "5T-Fusion Innovation Creating a New Commercial Format of Industrial Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction", "Intelligent Industrial Safety Management Solution", "New-generation Assets Performance Management Solution", which comprehensively demonstrated the synergistic promotion of technological innovation + business model innovation in "135 Client Value Innovation Model".

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