SUPCON Accomplishes Optimization Project of CNOOC Daxie Petrochemical

Apr 2, 2019 SUPCON passed process optimization and advanced process control (APC) project acceptance test of China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) Daxie Petrochemical Company for the phenyl ethylene combination plant.

After put into use, it highly improved the operation stability and the economy benefits by achieving the optimization of benzene ratio, water oil ratio and reflux ratio in the alkylation process. Especially, the comprehensive energy consumption of ethylbenzene plant decreased by about 1.47%, phenyl ethylene plant decreased by about 0.85%. Meanwhile, the utilization rate of the advanced control system reaches 95%.

“It turned out that the operation effect is remarkable after comprehensive review by the expert group. All the technical indicators meet the contract requirements. The project documents are standard and complete. All agree to the acceptance.” declared by the expert review group leader of CNOOC Daxie Petrochemical. 

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