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On June 6th, SUPCON INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS PTE.LTD. held a grand opening ceremony, with notable guests from the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), Saudi Aramco, Wanhua, and Wood in attendance.

In his talk at the event, Mr. Lin Zhiyong, Senior Vice President of EDB, emphasized that SUPCON INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS's establishment would bolster Singapore's competitiveness in industrial automation and contribute to the city-state's position as a leading smart city and industry 4.0 hub globally.

Cui Shan, Chairman and President of SUPCON, highlighted Singapore's significance as a global financial, trade, and technology hub, boasting a favorable business environment and high-quality talent. SUPCON's decision to establish SUPCON INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS in Singapore as its overseas headquarter and R&D center aims to intensify its internationalization strategy, broaden its overseas market reach, and enhance services for global customers.

SUPCON INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS's office is situated in One-North, Singapore, serving as the central hub for SUPCON's overseas operations. Its primary responsibilities include overseas market expansion, sales, technical support, and R&D. Additionally, the company functions as a global R&D center for SUPCON, delivering advanced and intelligent industrial control solutions to clients worldwide.

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