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Main Automation
Early Project Involvement with Single Point of Responsibility
to Improve Project Delivery Efficiency

SUPCON MAC deals with all these disturbing
issues for you to achieve high
quality project execution, plant operations,
and maintenance specifically to your company.

in the process industry
Integration optimization

We know that the industry is constantly facing changes and growing demands; bigger energy bill, limited personnel, and higher operation costs, etc., are becoming great issues in today's world. Thus, the ability to deliver the full scope of project execution in industrial automation projects is more important than ever. In addition to the need of consider some plant construction issues in emerging markets, your company may also have to face the task of executing multiple projects simultaneously in completely different geographical areas. As a result, your company will increasingly constrained by personnel issues, budgets, and shrinking timetables. That is why you need a partner, to consider all the way for you, make a series of solutions for you.

to Reduce Cost and Time

A Main Automation Contractor provides complete service throughout the project from initial concept design, Front End Engineering
Design (FEED) and implementation processes to the maintenance and retirement solutions.

In the MAC strategy, SUPCON is able to participate earlier in the overall project design; it allows us to achieve more accurate plan and control on project time nodes. In addition, we are also able to consider reasonable configuration and control scheme of the system, to optimize the integration, control function, protocol, and the system configuration, so that you will have system with high quality and the best solutions.

SUPCON MAC is different from the traditional product-based service.By leveraging our wide product portfolio, global management and interfacing experience, we believe that our integration of full range of facilities will help you save millions of investment. Practical experience shows that SUPCON MAC approach can result in project cost saving up to 30% against a traditional approach. Costs are reduced in nearly all phases of the project.

Project Management
Improve Execution Efficiency & Saving You Resources

There is important meaning of an appropriate and suitable management in the course of the whole project. To do well with the project, SUPCON project management system can help you achieve the control of project progress, quality, safety and cost, guarantee the overall delivery of your project. Our experts in project planning, management and implementation can help you restore investment and establish intelligent plants in short cycle.

Dealing with Your Main
Project Concerns

Our project management deals with your main concerns for your project from various aspects, including design & engineering management, procurement management, schedule management, integration management, start-up and training management, cost management, quality management, HSEmanagement, document management, etc. You can benefit from our professional and timely management throughout the whole project lifecycle.

Resources Saving

In the traditional mode, weakness will always be exploited when a project handovers to automation suppliers at the last stages - unexpected project progress, additional time consuming, serious integration problem, and maintenance difficulties. While SUPCON MAC thinks of these problems for you, our MAC service will help to cut down the construction cost in early period of the project, reduce external interface, and exclude coordination difficulties to improve the work efficiency with high project quality.

With our global engineering network and resources, we execute projects safely, efficiently to help you derive cost savings, risk mitigation, and shorten delivery times, etc., over the entire plant lifecycle.

Your Benefits
By Partnering with SUPCON as Your MAC Supplier
Your Benefits