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SUPCON Successfully Accomplishes the Maintenance Service of Kaiyang Chemical 500,000t/a Synthetic Ammonia Project

After two weeks point to point check, May 11, SUPCON service team has accomplished the maintenance service for 500,000t/a synthetic ammonia project of Guizhou Kaiyang Chemical Engineering Co.,Ltd.    

The project includes 13 processes (gasification, purification, synthesis, sulfur recovery, boiler, steam turbine, utilities, desulfurization, circulating water, desalted water, waste water treatment, etc.), 17,304 I/Os, 19 control stations and more than 40 operation stations. Since its start-up in May 2013, the project has been running for almost four years.

It is proven through the operation improvement of the project that the SUPCONs professional DCS system maintenance can assist users to find and handle the potential fault of the system as early as possible, enhance the reliability of DCS system, prolong its service life, and improve the production safety.


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