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SUPCON and Hobré Join Forces for Innovative Process Manufacturing in Thailand

June 20th-23rd, the 2nd Thailand International Chemical Engineering & Chemical Technology (TNChE Asia 2023), organized by The Thai Institute of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry (TIChE), was successfully held at Pattaya Exhibition and Convention Hall (PEACH) in Thailand. With the theme of "Decarbonization of Process Industry and Next-Generation Materials for Sustainability", TNChE Asia 2023 aimed to promote and disseminate Decarbonization Technology, research, development, and innovation and foster technological cooperation among chemical industries, technology providers, researchers, and industrial participants from Thailand and around the world. SUPCON was invited to attend the event and participate in the exhibition. 


First Joint Exhibition by SUPCON & Hobré

During the event, the joint exhibition by SUPCON & Hobré showcased successful applications of new technologies, equipment, and comprehensive solutions for the process industry. The displays aim to show the automation fruits that help to de-carbonize the process manufacturing industry. For example, the application of WIM COMPAS in BP AIM 4 initiative to improve methane management, and PRISM technology in helping turbine manufacturers improve their turbines to accommodate Hydrogen in fuel gas. This debut is the first marketing collaboration between the two brands and outlined the future development direction of SUPCON.


Topical Technical Seminar by SUPCON & Hobré

On June 22nd, SUPCON and Hobré jointly organized a topical technical exchange seminar with the theme "Towards Sustainable Process Manufacturing through Innovative Technology." During the seminar, Teo Kimhock, Vice President of SUPCON delivered a speech entitled "Bring the Benefits of the Combined Hobré and SUPCON Solutions," sharing the benefits of customers through the collaboration between SUPCON and Hobré. This marked the blueprint of extensive cooperation and business, despite the geographical distance.


The expert team from SUPCON HQ showcased new technologies and solutions such as Intelligent Operation Management & Control System (i-OMC), APL, Industrial Operating System + APP, 5S Store + S2B Platform service model, smart laboratory, etc., demonstrating how SUPCON utilizes innovative technologies to achieve seamless data flow in manufacturing, and maximizing operational efficiency for customers. Hobré's experts shared their solutions for reducing carbon emissions, improving energy efficiency, increasing refining yields, enhancing repeatability, and ensuring sufficient raw material processing capacity.


Hobré Made a Keynote Speech at the Conference

Dirk-Jan Ruijter, Area Sales Manager Asia at Hobré, delivered a keynote speech titled "Improve the Environmental Footprint while reducing cost by Advanced Furnace Efficiency and Flare Control" at the conference. He detailed how analytical solutions effectively monitor heat loads and air-fuel ratios and how continuous control optimizes energy utilization efficiency in furnaces and flare gas, leading to cost reduction and environmental footprint improvement.


Sustainable process manufacturing not only brings economic benefits and competitive advantages to enterprises, but also has a positive impact on the environment and society. SUPCON in collaboration with Hobré will maximize the value brought by the new cooperation model; by combining the technologies and solutions of both brands, they will provide comprehensive optimization solutions to customers and drive the process industry towards a more sustainable direction.


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