APL, SUPCON New Generation of Advanced Industrial Network Solution

We are here to go with you toward Industry 4.0.

Advanced Physical Layer (APL)-based advanced industrial network solution provides you with a complete solution from instrument, network, to control system and applications. APL utilization result in significantly reduced costs, shorten the construction and improve the level of enterprise intelligence.


A powerfully communication toolbox

  • Complying with IEEE 802.3cg 10BASE-T1L (IEEE802.3cg-2019) standard, APL allows a maximum transmission rate of 10 Mbps (Distributed System: 32 kbps, Hart: 1.2 kbps), maximum communication distance 1000m.

  • Power and communication on two wires, ruggedized for the field of process plants.

  • Deployable in explosion hazardous areas. 

  • “Trunk” + “Spur” network, IEC61158-2 cable, and screw type connector, making it easy to install and maintain. 


1. Integration of All Signals

  • Achieve information exchange and device interconnection based on multiple communication protocol.

  • Support muti-type instrument plug in. Such as APL instruments, universal instruments and wireless instruments.


2. Reduce Cost

  • Power supply + communication 2 in 1. Over 400,000m cable can be reduced in a 10,000-IO project.


3. Network Intelligent Diagnosis

  • Auto-recognize device online/offline status, auto-load drives, and auto-assign addresses.

  • Auto-draw system network topology, and visually manage network.

  • Diagnosis on network devices and link quality.

4. Flexible Networking

Supports star, bus, loop topologies, and redundant and non-redundant networking.

Application Scenarios


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