SUPCON Participates in China Coal Gasification Technology and Industry Conference

Sep. 7, 2017 China Coal Gasification Technology and Industry Conference was held in Jinshang International Hotel in Shanxi Province, China.


Over 400 representatives from many reputed coal chemical enterprises attended, including Yangmei Chemical Co., Ltd, Sedin Engineering Co., Ltd, Yancon Guotuo Science & Engineering Co., Ltd, Datang Corporation, etc. More than 20 coal chemical technology experts and equipment suppliers gave speeches.


Mr Zhang Jizhen, Deputy Chief Engineer from SUPCON, delivered a speech SUPCON Intelligent Equipment Innovation in Modern Coal Gasification Practice, introducing SUPCON’s ideas and achievements in intelligent manufacturing solution, unit optimization, industrial IoT (Internet of Things), remote maintenance, OTS (Operator Training System) application, coal chemical processing innovation and verification.


Mr Zhang’s speech specified how SUPCON is involved from fundamental layer to top level of automation, informatization, and intellectualization in coal chemical processing practice, and gained intensive attention and significant discussion.

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