2015 SUPCON China Dafeng Seminar Successfully Held

August 20, the 2015 SUPCON China Dafeng Seminar was successfully held in Dafeng District, situated at the east of China.

More than 100 representatives of 28 chemical companies in the Dafeng Industrial Park gathered for this seminar. They were coming to learn about SUPCON’s cutting-edge technologies and safety control solutions for chemical enterprises in process automation industry.

Presentations on the agenda included:
· “SUPCON Today”
· “How to select the appropriate control system for Chemical Industry”
· “SUPCON Safety Instrument System (SIS) Solution”
· “SUPCON Control Valves Technology Highlight and Typical Reference in Fine Chemical”

The feedback from customers was overwhelmingly positive, stating that the event helped to understand the real breadth of SUPCON’s offering and to see the new technologies which are available. 

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