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SUPCON Supports the Establishment of China Automation Industry Chain

China Automation Industry Chain (CAIC) was formally established on July 7, 2020. Mr. Jia Xunhui, the President of Zhejiang SUPCON Technology, will take the chair of CAIC. 


With the theme of “Cooperation, Sharing, Innovation and Development”, CAIC brought together the leading enterprises related to China's local automation and upstream & downstream industrial chains.


In August 2019, more than 20 enterprises including Zhejiang SUPCON Technology, China Tech-energy, SCIYON, SIASUN proposed to establish a new model of upstream & downstream cooperation in the industrial chain, and held a preparatory work conference in Beijing. Up to now, more than 85 enterprises have joined CAIC. Among them, there are 2 Fortune 500 enterprises, 2 central enterprises, 21 listed companies, nearly 600 senior engineers from universities, scientific research institutions, more than 30 industrial design institutes, and etc.


CAIC will bring more market opportunities and broad development space to Chinese automation enterprises through industrial interconnection, digital economy, intelligent manufacturing, hardcore concept, strong foundation engineering, innovation-driven and high-quality development. By leveraging decades of experience in process automation, SUPCON will commit to offering enterprises sustainable growth prospects benefiting from high building efficient, energy-saving, safe and smart plants.

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