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It is SUPCON's intrinsic mission to take positive responsibility for society. SUPCON takes resolute steps in integrity and honesty, embedding the concept of responsibility into daily operations. We keep improving sustainability with our stakeholders, employees, customers and suppliers during operation and governance, to creating value for customers, protecting the environment, carrying out safe and green production, participating in social activities, promoting coordinated development for society.

SUPCON Sustainability Report
SUPCON Low-Carbon Solutions
for Sustainable Development of Process Industry
The adjustment of energy structure, transformation of industrial structure and acceleration of low-carbon technology R&D are main directions of low-carbon development. At present, continuous improvement of energy efficiency is still the priority enterprises carry out. The deepening application of automation, digitalization and intelligent technology in industrial energy saving and carbon reduction, low-carbon consulting and planning and energy saving and emission reduction transformation services are important means to improve energy efficiency and the key to support low-carbon operation of enterprises.
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