SUPCON Low-Carbon Solutions
for Sustainable Development of Process Industry

With the belief of clients’ needs come to the first, SUPCON is committed to the development of digital innovation technology contributing to energy saving, helping clients achieve low carbon emission reduction and promoting a low carbon society, Aiming at high-intensity energy consumption enterprises of oil&gas, chemical, power, building material, SUPCON motivates innovation to reach peak carbon emissions and carbon neutrality by actively promoting the process of low carbon development and providing new infrastructures under digital scene.

Green & Digital Future
Process Industry
Green Production
Optimized Energy
What are the Stages
that process industry will go through to minimizie carbon footprint?

SUPCON accompanies the process industry through the journey of three transitions of "Carbon Peak - Carbon Neutral - Net-Zero Carbon" by serving industrial enterprises closely and continuously upgrading technology. The whole process is optimized to expand the limits of low-carbon and efficient operation. We look forward to sharing the mission with our partners and building a sustainable future together.

Carbon Peak
At the stage of carbon peak, low carbon operation is mainly achieved by improving energy efficiency, reducing carbon emissions intensity
Carbon Neutral
Optimization of energy structure, vigorous development of clean energy and rapid reduction of carbon emissions are main features at this stage. Low-carbon industries becomes main support of national economy
Net-Zero Carbon
At the stage of deep decarbonisation, comprehensive popularization of low-carbon technology helps completion of deep decarbonization and zero carbon operation of in process industry
How to reach Net-Zero Carbon
SUPCON's Technical Switch to a Sustainable Future
Carbon Asset Management
Carbon Asset Management
Carbon Asset Management

Aiming at low efficiency of carbon asset management in process industry, SUPCON personalized carbon asset management optimization for enterprises, helping enterprises to carry out carbon accounting, carbon evaluation, carbon monitoring, carbon analysis, quota gap prediction and to optimize scheduling model and unit operation.

Carbon Emissions Monitoring Platform
Carbon Emissions Monitoring Platform
Carbon Emissions Monitoring Platform

SUPCON advocates to establish carbon emissions monitoring public platform solutions, which meet the needs of lower carbon emissions, higher efficiency in energy saving and fine management. SUPCON devotes to optimizing industrial structure cultivating and developing strategic emerging industries such as energy conservation and environmental protection.

Carbon Collaborative Management
Carbon Collaborative Management
Carbon Collaborative Management

Based on energy management system, SUPCON establishes integrated management system of energy and carbon emissions to set emission targets, real-time monitoring and tracking of emission status, identifing possibilities of emission reduction, implementing improvement measures. SUPCON promotes continuous energy saving and emission reduction for enterprises for the goal of reducing emission costs.

5T Technology Integration
Creating Low-carbon Service Ecosystem

Process Technology (PT) and Equipment Technology (ET) are the basis for the development of industrial decarbonization. Operation Technology (OT), based on the understanding of process mechanism and equipment capability, provides guarantee for the deep decarbonization and low carbon operation of industry; Automation Technology (AT) and Information Technology (IT) provide strong support for OT to with maximized value creation.

Therefore, the full integration of 5T technology and innovative development of new processes, new equipment, new products and services are the key to conduct efficient and low-carbon operation for process industry. SUPCON is implementing the "5T" integration strategy, together with low-carbon process and equipment technology, to create an ecosystem and provide low-carbon solutions for the process industry.

Low-Carbon Product
Low-Carbon Product Substitution
Low-Carbon Raw Material Substitution
Low-Carbon Process
Energy-Saving Process Design
Low-Carbon Process Design
Energy-Saving Design
Clean Energy Support
Industrial Chain Support
Industrial APP
Production Domain APP
Energy Domain APP
Quality Domain APP
Asset Domain APP
Supply Chain Domain APP
Industrial Internet Platform
IoT Device
IT Infrastructure
Enterprise Cloud Service Platform
Basic Automation
Control System
Intelligent Instrument
Iterative Upgrading
Device Upgrading
Process Upgrading
Operation Maintenance
Device Fault Warning
Device Fault Analysis
Device Proactive Maintenance
System Performance Evaluation

SUPCON independently developed advanced planning and scheduling optimization software applying in petrochemical and coal chemical enterprises, meeting optimization requirements in production planning and scheduling. SUPCON takes emission constraints and carbon asset costs into consideration in production planning and upgrading software to provide support for low-carbon and efficient operation of enterprises.


SUPCON advanced control software achieved large-scale industrial application and real-time optimization products developed on this basis have taken the lead in the application of atmospheric and vacuum devices, continuous reforming, PTA and other devices in petrochemical industry achieving significant energy saving and emission reduction effects.


SUPCON developed boiler combustion optimization control system, compressor energy-saving optimization control system, optimal control system of desulfurization for high energy consumption equipment in process industry. All above have been applied in industries of power, oil&gas, chemical and building material etc, playing a supporting role in energy-using optimization in process industry.

What industries can your low-carbon solutions used in?

Process industries are the main clients of SUPCON. We provide industry-specific low-carbon solutions for enterprises in oil & gas, chemical, power, new energy, cement, iron & steel, pulp & paper, etc.; our energy saving and emission reduction optimization solution has nearly 100 petrochemical clients.

Up to now, what are your experience and achievements in the field of low-carbon and environmental protection?

We are committed to providing low-carbon solutions for process industry. From 2012 to 2021, SUPCON has provided products and solutions for more than 20,000 enterprises, helping reduce 1.537 billion tons of carbon dioxide emission for the process industry (statistics from SUPCON and our users). 

Meantime, in our company operations, we fully implement the principle of green development through a number of measures including green procurement actions, the construction of green sustainable production parks, and the creation of low-carbon office parks, etc. For example, we used LED lamps and photovoltaic street lamps to replace traditional fluorescent lamps and reduced energy consumption by 50%; we optimized our production process, obtaining 20% additional heat recovery by welding furnace technology innovation, saving 27% energy by coating line process upgrading, saving 55W energy per cabinet by cabinet production process improvement (which is estimated to help our users save 13 million kWh power consumption per year); we launched cloud office platform for our employees, cloud desktop training platform and 5S store service localization and remote maintenance plan for our users to reduce the carbon emission during travelling and commuting.