What's different when the latest international process PTA plant meets SUPCON APC technology?
Project Info
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End User
Jiaxing Petrochemical Co.
Jiaxing, China
Scope of Supply
1.2 Mt/a PTA plant 2 Mt/a PTA plant 300,000 t/a differentiated FDY plant
Project Overview
Jiaxing Petrochemical Company Limited is a PTA (purified terephthalic acid) producer wholly owned by Tongkun Group,the main production units include a 1.2 million tonne/year PTA plant, a 2 million tonne/year PTA plant and a 300,000 tonne/year differentiated FDY plant.The 2 million ton/year PTA plant adopts INVISTA P8 process technology, which has substantially improved in terms of raw material consumption, unit energy consumption and unit product emissions compared with the original plant, and is currently the most advanced international PTA technology level representative.

PTA appearance at room temperature is white crystals or powder, non-toxic, tasteless, more than 90% of the world's PTA for the production of polyester. In the domestic market, 75% of PTA is used for the production of polyester fiber (polyester); 20% for the production of bottle-level polyester, mainly used in a variety of beverages, especially carbonated drinks packaging; 5% for film-level polyester, mainly used in packaging materials, films and tapes.
The Challenges
The PTA production plant covers almost all the typical chemical unit operations, with complex process flow, high reaction harshness, material circulation and energy coupling, and is one of the difficult production plants to operate in the chemical industry. In the production process operators need to frequently adjust each manipulation means to ensure continuous and stable production, not only is the labour intensity high, product quality is also prone to fluctuations caused by the varying levels of operation of each shift. In addition, it has been found that the solvent dehydration tower is subject to liquid flooding from time to time.
SUPCON Solution
The APC-Adcon software developed by SUPCON has enabled the smooth control of key process parameters of the oxidation reaction and solvent dehydration system, especially the control of the oxidation reaction water concentration, a large lagging variable, and the prediction of quality indicators using soft measurement technology. APC-Adcon is the core product of SUPCON advanced control system, including various components such as modelling, controller design, simulation, configuration and online application, which can achieve constant value control and area control, effectively suppress measurable disturbances and provide multi-level and multi-objective coordinated optimisation. After the implementation of the advanced control system, the process parameters of the PTA plant have stabilised, effectively reducing the fluctuation range of the product quality, while also largely reducing the labour intensity of the operators.
Customer Feedback
The implementation of this project has been warmly praised by Jiaxing Petrochemical. Subsequently, SUPCON will continue to optimize and enhance the advanced control solutions for PTA plants, effectively helping PTA producers to reduce costs and increase efficiency.
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