SUPCON Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Raises Productivity for 3TREES Products
Project Info
Order Date:
End User
3tree Paint
Sichuan, China
Scope of Supply
100,000t/a latex paint line 100,000t/a granite paint line 20,000t/a PU paint line 20,000t/a waterborne paint line
Project Overview
Located in 3TREES Eco-Industrial Park, China, 3TREES Digital Intelligent Plant owns an annual production capacity of 200,000 tons paint. Through the integration of VxMES, VxBatch and DCS control system, SUPCON offered the customized intelligent fine chemical solution to realize safety, green, efficiency, quality improving and cost cutting.
SUPCON Solution
SUPCON offered the customized intelligent fine chemical solution through the integration of softwaresVxMES, VxBatch and DCS control system. This solution takes VxMES as the core manufacturing operations platform, covering materials, energy, equipment and other management modules, realizing the whole process control from raw materials to delivery.

Quality management: providing automatic cleaner production system to realize the safe and pollution-free production; providing automatic configuration feeding system to ensure automatic feeding accuracy controlled within ±1kg;

Production management: using batch-type production operation solution, so that each raw material has a unique identity tag (QR code) to achieve zero production error; Data acquisition and video integration solutions which based on OPC, ModBus and other technical means enable users to manage each unit of the plant. Moreover, the specific core parameters and remote monitoring of real-time video images make the monitoring more intelligent.

Efficiency management: quick query of production tracking within 1 minute; financial processing time reduced from 2 days to 2 minutes;

Safety management: providing video monitoring system to achieve 24-hour comprehensive control. With the integration of more than 600 monitoring probes and VxMES, managers can control the field dynamics and operation of key equipment in real time.

As a key component of Manufacturing Operations Management, SUPCON MES provides the key elements to obtain competitive advantages. It enables higher plant efficiency and productivity as well as greater flexibility throughout the production processes. SUPCON will strive to build it into a 3TREES demonstration project in fine chemical market.
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