Zhongtian Hechuang Coal-to-Olefin Project
Project Info
Order Date:
End User
Zhongtian Hechuang Energy Co., Ltd.
Inner Mongolia, China
2×1,800,000t/a coal to methanol unit
6×82,000Nm3/h air separation plant
14×1,500t/d coal water slurry gasifier
2×1,800,000t/a methanol synthesis unit
2×1,800,000t/a S-MTO unit
2×36,000t/a sulfur recovery unit
350,000t/a PP unit
350,000t/a PP unit
120,000t/a LDPE unit
250,000t/a LDPE unit
300,000t/a LLDPE unit
5×490t/h high pressure pulverized coal boiler
240t/h high pressure pulverized coal boiler
2×135MW condensation pumping generator
30MW back pressure generator
Project Overview
Zhongtian Hechuang Ordos coal deep processing demonstration project is world’s top Coal-to-Olefins project that will create a bunch of world records, including the world’s largest CCR (2,200m²), the world’s largest scale of production: methanol (2×1.8Mt/a) and the 1.37Mt/a polyolefin production project. The project contains the most comprehensive polyolefin technology package in the world.
SUPCON Solution
SUPCON as the MAV (Main Automation Vendor) of the project, provided its life-cycle service from FEED, engineering design, engineering services, maintenance, optimization and upgrade in an all-sided way.
Customer Feedback
This project is not only the first coal chemical project self-built by SINOPEC, but also one of world's largest integrated coal chemical plant, which brought great pressure to both SINOPEC and SUPCON at the beginning. But during the last 3 years of research, implementation and commissioning, the project witnessed the smooth operation of SUPCON DCS and the professional service of SUPCON team. Especially the stable performance of ECS-700 in two high pressure polyethylene units gave all great confidence. Many engineering designers from SINOPEC also shared their insights on the performance and improvement prospect of ECS-700. The third-party system communication and fast control loop were particularly spoke highly of. They said the full success of ECS-700 in this project indicates that domestic DCS products and service have reached a high standard of its international leading competitors, who used to be the preferred supplier of SINOPEC. This is a significant breakthrough for SUPCON, and also an inspiration to China’s domestic automation industry.
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