Russian-China Natural Gas Pipeline
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Heilongjiang, China
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This project is the first time for SUPCON to enter into the national oil and gas pipeline main line project construction, and also the first time to participate in the CNPC pipeline automation construction of more than 1000 kilometers. The automation control system in this project uses our GCS, TCS and CCS products, breaking the monopoly of import brands of automation products in national oil and gas trunk lines and realizing the essential security of national strategic energy lifeline control.

The Sino-Russian natural gas pipeline project is an important project in China's energy strategy, and it is the pipeline project with the largest diameter, highest steel grade and maximum transmission pressure built by China to introduce foreign oil and gas resources. At the same time, this project is also the first pilot project of intelligent pipeline construction in China, which can realize full digital transfer, full intelligent operation and full life cycle management of pipelines.
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