Hesheng Power 2×350MW Supercritical Cogeneration Project
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End User
Hesheng Group
Xinjiang, China
2×1200t/h pulverized coal-fired boiler

2×350MW supercritical generator unit
Project Overview
SUPCON Wins Recognition in the commissioning of Xinjiang Hesheng Power 2×350MW Supercritical Turbine Unit Integrated Control Project.

The Unit adopts 2×1200t/h pulverized coal boiler for the 2×350MW Supercritical steam turbine unit. As a typical digital power plant, the control solution integrates the main engine DCS (DAS, MCS, SCS, FSSS, ECS), ETS, DEH, MEH, METS, and the auxiliary engine DCS (coal feeding, desulfuration, dedusting, denitration). The project contains 33,000 I/O points, 97 pairs of controllers, 150 cabinets, 5 engineer stations, 42 operator stations.
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