SUPCON APC Solution Empowers Juhua Group 1HFP Advanced Control Project
Project Info
End User
Juhua Group
Scope of Supply
1HFP plant: Reaction pyrolysis, distillation separation, waste liquid incineration and utility
Project Overview
On July 7, the "Advanced Control Project of 1HFP (Hexafluoropropylene) Plant" of fluoropolymer plant of Zhejiang Juhua Co., Ltd. undertaken by SUPCON software successfully passed the acceptance of expert group of Juhua Group. Deng Jianming, deputy general manager of the group company and the leaders of the factory department spoke highly of the project. With the successful acceptance of the project, Juhua fluoropolymer plant has achieved full APC coverage of all HFP units.
SUPCON Solution
The whole 1HFP plant implementation scope includes the whole process of reaction pyrolysis, distillation separation, waste liquid incineration and utility.The project team further optimizes the control scheme based on the successful development and implementation of 2/3 HFP plant advanced control system.To solve the technical problem that pyrolysis reaction is easy to burn out at flying temperature, the project team devoted themselves to study and meet the difficulties, developed an expert controller for anti-flying temperature under abnormal conditions such as raw material proportion and component fluctuation, voltage fluctuation, violent heat release of disproportionation reaction, which effectively prevents the occurrence of pyrolysis reaction flying temperature.The service life of pyrolysis furnace is extended from 3-6 months to over 9 months, and the number of overhauls decreases from 20 times per year to 5 times per year. The safety of the plant has been fully improved.
Customer Feedback
Since the commissioning in April 2009, the steam consumption per unit of APC system has decreased by 9.2%, power consumption by 9.5%, and the proportion of excellent products has increased from 45% to 51%. According to preliminary statistics, it can bring economic benefits of 1.74 million yuan to enterprises every year.

After on-site verification by Document Audit Team, Field Assessment Team, Technical Index and Benefit Accounting Team of Juhua Group, it is unanimously agreed that the project technical documents are standard and complete. APC system runs smoothly. Plant production safety is significantly improved. Energy-saving effect is remarkable and all technical indexes meet the requirements of the contract and pass acceptance.
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