Supply Chain Management Solution
More and more stringent health, safety and environment regulations, evolving market demands, increasing cost, limited collaboration across the supply chain are bringing challenges to all the stakeholders and staff - planners, operators,managers...-who are expecting an all-in-one solution to relieve their pain points around safety, efficiency, cost and loss, etc.
Considering the clients'concerns along the value chain from procurement to sales and distribution, SUPCON supply chain management solution is devised to integrating and optimizing the monitoring&control and management system and facilitate a reliable and profitable supply chain.
Operational Excellence
Operational Excellence
Digitized operation from supply to distribution, integrated monitoring and control of inventory, logistics and operations across multiple terminals enabling borderless collaborations and agile management; Flexible value-added applications such as operator training simulator and advanced assets management system to specifically enhance performance of the personnel and equipment.
Safeguard Supply Chain
Safeguard Supply Chain
Safety management system to safeguard the whole terminal by leveraging comprehensive advantages of safety instrumented system, advanced alarm system, leakage detection system, security surveillance system, personnel location and activities tracking technology, synergistic contingency system, emergency drills, anti-cheating solutions, etc.
Business Agility
Business Agility
Extended optimization horizon based on the real-time information platform integrating data across the supply chain from demand to delivery, thus to enhance capability of quick grasp, quick analysis and quick reaction to complex marketing changes and improve overall business agility.
Data-driven Insight
Data-driven Insight
Seamless integration of the production and processing system, logistics system and business operation system to eliminate internal information isolation, offer wider visions, deeper insights to enable better decisions.


SUPCON supply chain management solution offers a versatile modular management platform to generate synergetic benefits from integrated workflow chain, information chain, value chain management, and facilitate business intelligence via data-based decision-making assistance.

Efficient and safe loading/unloading based on comprehensive systems integration including field control system, laboratory information management system, executive management system, ERP.
Efficient contract management and financial settlement supported by immediate inbound & outbound information communication.
Effective inventory management, scheduling management and easy field work order management powered by terminal-wide real time data synchronization.
Effective anti-cheating/ anti-maloperation management enhanced by all-under-one-roof monitoring, terminal-wide information validation from various systems on the integrated management platform.
Independent and integratable management modules to give full consideration to availability and scalability.
Support flexible protocols such as Modbus-RTU, Modbus-TCP, CIP, ASCII, OPC, ODBC,as well as custom communication protocols.
Allow API reservation for further expansion.
Offer scalable real-time data base.
Enable data visualization, analysis and model-based decision-making assistance.
Digital Terminal Logistics
SUPCON supply chain management solution integrates the work flow, information flow and cash flow along the logistics chain,especially for the terminals, enhances work flow efficiency, operation precision and security, as well as the progress information transparency among multiple stakeholders and regulatory agencies; meanwhile reduce management cost significantly.
Mobile APP
Custom APP for supplier, client, carrier, and internal staff with different authorizations to edit or query relevant information including order list, order progress, carriers and their vehicles, drivers information, transport plan, etc. Fast information authentication of carriers and their vehicles and drivers on PDA at various points, including entry, parking area, waiting hall, weighbridge, loading bay, unloading bay and exit gate.
Intelligent Tank Farm Operation
Running the tank farm can be easier by incorporating automation control system, information integration management platform, and SUPCON supply chain management solution modules such as tank inventory system, automatic ratio loading & unloading system, additive, blending, movement path management solution, inventory management system, etc.
Anti-explosion PDA
Fast query on inspection tasks, recommended patrol routes, task instructions and reports.
Easy measurement read and record on PDA.
Real-time data access to tank status including tank liquid level, temperature, etc.
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