SUPCON Accomplishes RTO Project of CNOOC Daxie Petrochemical

March 11, SUPCON passed acceptance test of CNOOC Daxie Petrochemical Company BTX closed-loop real-time online optimization intelligent project. In this project, SUPCON offered real-time optimization (RTO) solution for continuous catalytic reforming unit.


After start-up, SUPCON RTO solution highly improved the operation stability and the closed-loop linkage rate with APC has reached more than 90.5%, the yield of BTX has increased by more than 0.58%, bringing total economic benefits of 1.58 million USD.


This project aims to improve the efficiency of petrochemical production and enhance the intelligence of the unit. It applies online analysis technology, advanced process control, real-time operation optimization, mechanism modeling and other advanced technologies to all links of the whole production link, thus realizing the intelligent collaborative optimization of the whole refining process.

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