Reliably Improve the operating efficiency
and flexibilty
In the operation of thermal power plant, most customers will face industry-specific control requirements, such as safety, efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, etc.

SUPCON's understands all the control units of thermal power industry and improve the efficiency and flexibility through the corresponding professional control solution for thermal power industry.
Optimize Your CFBD Control
Circulating fluidized bed boiler combustion system is an important steam production source for the plant operation, so to ensure its long-term, stable and safe operation, and reduce energy consumption of CFBD, is of vital importance to the safe production and economic operation of enterprises.

In the process of CFBD control, with supBAEO solution, SUPCON helps the customers to achieve a wide range of control and optimization objectives, including: improving steam quality, reducing steam consumption, reducing emissions, reducing operating intensity, automatic boiler combustion, etc.
Improve Operational and Management Efficiency
In the operation and management process of power plants, there are problems such as slow information transmission, isolated information islands, difficult statistical analysis and other problems that cannot be solved by automation alone.

SUPCON has released the supCMIS solution to realizes the integrated information management of equipment operation and maintenance, spare parts and fuel procurement, safety management, cost accounting, operation decision-making and other aspects through the information sharing of the whole plant, which make the operation decision intelligent and efficient.
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