Enable more efficient logistical opertions in your teminals
Storage & terminal plays an important link in global supply chain, but we are facing lots of challenges in logistics. How to improve loading efficiency and shorten delivery time, how to adapt to the marketchanges and back-end production process, how to improve the safety and efficiency, how to reduce the labor input and total cost...

To solve these challenges, SUPCON provides terminal automation and management solutions to meet your requirements and delivery expectations.
Facilitate Reliable and Profitable Terminals
supTAS offers a versatile modular information management platform with seamless integration of real-time terminal-wide data, which enables data visualization and communication with 3rd-party systems; data analysis and model-based decision-making assistance, thus to facilitate business intelligence.

supTAS integrates the work flow, information flow and cash flow along the logistics chain, enhances work flow efficiency, operation precision and security, as well as the progress information transparency among multiple stakeholders and regulatory agencies; meanwhile reduce management cost significantly.
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