Reliability Maximizes Your Offshore Operating
Performce under Extreme Conditions
Whether offshore platform or FPSO, offshore exploration and production is under extreme conditions. Reliable integrated control and safety systems (ICSS) are required to improve your operating efficiency, control the risk and reduce the cost.

With high reliability and advanced remote monitoring capabilities, SUPCON ICSS solutions will fix you in executing offshore projects of all sizes.
Reliable & High Performace ICSS Solutions
High level ability of anti-vibration,anti-corrosion to adapt the hash enviroment. Reliable design and configuration to achieve 99.9999% availability. Powerful remote monitoring capabilities under unattended condition to improve operating efficiency and safe operation.

TUV SIL3 safety instrumented system for ESD, F&GS application. Fully redundant TMP and HIFT to effectively reduce the probability of potential accidents and ensure the stable and safe production.
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