Digitalization Drives Onshore Excellence
Oil and gas exploration is at the forefront of the whole industry chain, the key challenge in technology is to overcome the extreme exploring environment and find digital production solutions.

SUPCON focuses on product reliabilty, IIoT and data intergration technology for the onshore industry. With SUPCON onshore digitialization solutions, you can minimize HSE risks, maximize production and achieve the most value.
To Build Your Smart Oil Field
From data collection to the manament software, SUPCON digital oil & gas solutions will lead you to the smart oil field production. We understand the process and equiment deeply on onshore production, and we’re thinking about the challenges you may face from the market. Combining with automation technology and information technology, we can help you to realize the digital production and optimize all your operation.
Comprehensive intelligent oilfield solution
Our IIoT solutions will suit you for the first beginning of data collection in the well of oil, gas and water. Wireless transmitters, RTU, integrated metering skid soluitons and etc., are in your choice.

Based on SUPCON SCADA and digital interation platform, you can achieve data interation, control and management including production data, equipment data, HSE data, energy data, supply chain data, etc.

Our varied industrial application softwares optimize your production, provide comprehensive production prediction and analysis, and provide decision-making suggestions for you.
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